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With social media and other digital marketing methods available, there are numerous ways to spread the word about upcoming events sponsored by your business. However, one of the most effective methods happens to be the traditional tactic of direct mailers. Using direct mailers can help attract loyal customers, build upon your brand, and make more sales, even if the event in question is not geared toward generating leads.


Compared to other marketing methods, direct mailers allow for a higher degree of customization that appeals to the modern audience. Whether you are using physical mail or email, merely adding individuals’ names to the message can increase their chances of attending your event and remaining loyal to your business. Depending on your business, you may be able to include other personalized aspects, such as hidden discounts, samples, and more, making direct mail an engaging marketing tactic to draw more customers.


With direct mailers, it is crucial to get the timing of delivery just right. While direct mailers tend to have a significant impact on compelling individuals to attend events, if the timing is off (either too far in advance or too close to the event), their effect will not be as strong. Determining the best timeline to enact effective marketing is crucial to maximizing the potential influence of direct mailers.


While online marketing tactics have certainly commanded the industry for several years now, direct mailers allow businesses to target other demographics that may not be as receptive to digital methods. Older individuals, for example, are more likely to respond well to physical advertisements than to social media ads; on the other hand, younger audiences tend to dislike sales calls and emails in some cases, making direct mailers an excellent solution for these demographics. 


When advertising an event through direct mailers, there are many different paths you can take. Highlighting it in your company newsletter, mailing out invitations, or advertising discounts for anyone who attends are a few ways to make use of direct mailers to market an upcoming event. Branding, like personalization, in these efforts are key; make sure what you send to customers are attractive, appealing, engaging, and consistent with your existing brand.