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In marketing, the consensus has long been that direct mail outreach is a thing of the past. After all, most businesses are rapidly making the shift to digital-first products and services. Online marketing can provide you with easily accessible and extensive information on the type of customers interested in your services. But a small number of companies are leading the charge in terms of bringing back direct mail. And services like Quip and Glossier have convinced some internationally known businesses that direct mail can be a reasonable way to reach Millennial customers.

A study indicates that direct mail campaigns can get five times the sale as comparable email campaigns, and understanding why it means understanding how younger demographics view email vs. physical mail. With physical mail slowing down to a crawl and a huge amount of emails flooding an individual’s inbox every day, a single piece of actual mail is going to stand out a lot more. And since you can’t just click a button to make it disappear, a piece of direct mail will stick out better too. There’s a good chance that a coupon attached to a flyer or a physical menu will end up in the fridge even when its online equivalent would end up in the spam pile.

That said, you can’t simply take the same approach with direct mail that you would with email marketing, and in some cases, you may have to update your existing direct mail campaign to help accommodate this new and exciting market. The trick is to maximize the potential turnaround, and you can use your existing digital outreach to help with this. Start your mailing lists based on the customers you already have to reduce the amount of ads that end up in the trash. Then, use targeted mailing lists to direct your ads towards people who have expressed interest in your brand or area of specialization.

Styling is just as important with direct mail as it is with email marketing, so you’ll want your ads to be as immediately as appealing as possible. Glossy and bright is the way to go, and postcards over nondescript envelopes that need to be opened are also preferable. And whatever you do, make sure that what you’re offering your customer is worth their time. Put a good deal front and center to draw in the customer, and you’re on the way to a quality direct mailing campaign.