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Most people in marketing used to believe that direct mailing was dead. However, they have recently realized that using direct mailers is a great way to improve their marketing. This form of marketing business has recently experienced an incredible resurgence. They have realized that even millennials respond to direct mail, and it is one of the traditional marketing channels that continues to be relevant regardless of the changing technology.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Most people in the digital marketing world are reveling in the idea of multi-channel marketing. They believe that they will be able to get more sales through a combination of physical marketing and digital marketing. They are using technology paired with different mailing strategies to achieve more growth for businesses. One way they can do this is through personalization. The technology of big data has made this possible for businesses because it can recognize users’ personal preferences. They can target items the viewer has previously purchased or viewed while also allowing them to use retargeting pixels to help businesses send direct mailers with offers on the products they have already been viewing. It is also a great way to make marketing automated. The software has allowed businesses to automate a majority of their customer relationship management.

Faster Response

Direct mail campaigns are also able to function better for companies because they can integrate faster response mechanisms. People can scan unique QR codes that have been placed on the direct mailer, which will allow customers to purchase even faster.

Better Analytics

Another improvement for the direct mailers is having better analytics because digital technology can track whether the customer scans the QR code to see if they are taking action on the offer. They can then determine if people are opening their mail or spending time on the direct mailers.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can make it easier for companies to sort through massive amounts of data. When companies invest in AI, they can use and collect data with more ease. This will provide actionable insights for several different industries using direct mailers.