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Innovation is at the forefront of the automotive marketing industry, with inventive, experimental tactics overtaking antiquated practices with great success. The individuals driving this transition to a more modern marketing experience are making waves and setting a new standard for what needs to happen for the industry to thrive.

Michael Curmi

As the Brand Experience Director of Jaguar Land Rover North America, Michael Curmi understands the importance of customer experience in this industry. He has encouraged a shift away from traditional marketing tactics and has instead promoted a transition to direct engagement and interaction. One of his ideas entails a virtual reality (VR) experience in which the consumer participated in a virtual high-speed chase. Innovative marketing approaches like this promote higher levels of engagement and customer loyalty.

Les Copeland

With a focus on new technology, data analytics, and critical application of essential data, Les Copeland of General Motors is driving change in the automotive marketing industry in a targeted, tactical way. He promotes cross-referencing data from internal and external sources to best tailor marketing efforts to the consumer base. As the key driver of Global Data Strategy, Artificial Intelligence, and Analytics Services development for the company, Copeland pushes the industry towards a more data-driven, personalized, and effective future.

Greg Kitzens

Lexus is known for its luxury status, but Greg Kitzens decided to connect the luxury brand to an atypical audience; with a blended target of New York Fashion Week attendees and everyday individuals, Kitzens heralded the Set In Motion photo shoot. This promotional event allowed individuals to enter for a chance to get hair and makeup done by Stylisted before participating in an exclusive photoshoot with a set inspired by the Lexus LC 500. Using the visibility of NY Fashion Week and making the event widely accessible, Kitzens effectively led an initiative that contributed to a shareable, interactive and innovative experience.

The automotive marketing industry is taking the change in stride, and the shift toward a more digital and interactive marketing approach will surely serve these companies well. By focusing on consumer experience and data analytics, the industry will integrate more personalized initiatives that appeal to a broader consumer pool.