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Many businesses use direct mail campaigns as a way to generate leads. This form of mass marketing can be highly effective when used correctly. Read on for some basic rules of direct mailers and how to ensure success.

Do Source Wisely

Direct mail can be used to target residents of a particular zip code, and sent to every occupant in a specific USPS mail route. Every direct door mail (EDDM) is useful for new businesses in an area that wants to target everyone within a five-mile radius. Direct mailers can also be sent to a targeted audience based on household income, age, family size, and other demographic information. Choose the best option for your specific needs and purchase a mailing list from a reputable supplier.

Do Choose Boost

A direct mail booster program confirms that your message reaches the target audience. These programs link to the USPS database and provide real-time tracking for mail delivery. This data can then be used to test the marketing hypothesis. The correct list will produce hot leads. A sluggish response may point to inaccurate or incorrect marketing theories.

Don’t Expect 100% Delivery

The USPS scans a vast majority of parcels and loads them into the same database used to operate the Informed Delivery service program. Not every single piece of mail will be scanned, but that does not necessarily mean that it was not delivered. Direct mail booster programs will typically report a delivery rate in the high ninetieth percentile.

Do Create an Enticing Offer

The return on any direct mailer is loosely based on a simple formula. The general guideline points to an equal responsibility on the source list, and the offer presented. Robust marketing campaigns must submit an offer or incentive appealing enough to cause recipients to respond to a call to action. Of course, there are some factors left to chance. Residents may be on vacation and not receive mail, or not take action due to life circumstances.

Do Have a Follow Up Plan

A lead generating direct mail campaign does the heavy lifting of reaching an audience, but it will not do all the work. Direct mail promotes or brings awareness to a product or service. A comprehensive plan to follow up on leads quickly and succinctly turns points into sales.