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This past year has brought about significant trends that we couldn’t have anticipated between the pandemic, technological advances, and changes in how we relate to one another. If businesses want to continue to compete in 2021, they will have to learn about these new trends and adapt them to their marketing campaigns. Here are a few changes to consider in planning how to promote your brand.

Keep it Clean and Contactless

One of the biggest concerns affecting people of all ages is how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected their lives. Consumers expect their favorite brands to be aware of these unique issues and to address them in the way they conduct their businesses. For example, television commercials that show packed bars or similar large gatherings are likely to alienate your target demographic. Instead, your marketing and your practices should all exhibit compassion for your customers.

Nostalgia Marketing

We already experience nostalgia marketing more than we realize, from the decade’s old music we hear in the grocery store to the use of 50-year-old animated characters in modern-day advertisements. You can also capitalize on the use of nostalgia by including it in your marketing campaigns. As long as you’re careful not to violate intellectual property rights, using nostalgia to draw consumers’ attention can be very useful. This is especially true when society goes through a rough spot, such as The Great Depression or the current Covid-19 lockdowns. Providing a look back at better times will generate appreciation for your brand.

Partner With Content Creators

Regardless of where you see yourself on the political spectrum, there’s no denying that the mainstream media and tech giants have used their power to spread disinformation. Consumers also see it, which explains the recent drop in ratings for many news outlets. At the same time, individual content creators are rising in popularity. This is largely due to the unfiltered commentary and unbiased news reporting they provide. A trend has already begun for businesses to market their brands by sponsoring individual content creators. In the coming year, that trend is expected to explode with more businesses paying for ad time on up and coming content creators’ channels.

Trends change quickly, so it’s important to keep your ear to the ground. As you interact with your followers on social media, pay attention to how they interact with you and each other. This can help you anticipate new trends just as they start to gain popularity. If you can take advantage of that information, your brand can capitalize on those growing trends ahead of your competitors.