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An outdated marketing structure can hold back an organization’s success to an extent. For sustainability in the business environment, the management needs to assign tasks to the right people. Businesses must be ready to adapt to changes in an emerging technology environment to thrive now and in the future. Building an organization chart to scale can help determine progress.

To structure a functional marketing team, an organization needs to understand its skills and employees with those skills. It also needs to organize its marketing team for efficiency. Keeping every employee in sync with software and tools used will maximize production. Read on to know how to structure a marketing team.

Use Free Marketing Org Chart Templates

With a visualized marketing team structure, an org chart template can help internalize how a team structure will look and allows the employee to understand their role and contribution to the arrangement’s success.

Use CoSchedule for Your Marketing Dashboard

CoSchedule with the team management dashboard is a useful tool for managing marketing teams. The team can plan and monitor the progress of a project. This way, the marketing team can plan their work and measure their productivity level by creating timelines. The unit can reduce burnout by balancing their workloads and resource allocation. For people to be on the right job, the tool can help internal coordinate resources.

When an organization’s marketing team is organized, it has a high chance of succeeding. Although it can be challenging to have a good team structure, it’s important to correct issues to avoid its downfall.

When working on a marketing team structure, the company’s size determines the type of model to work with. A small business marketing team structure can be hiring between one to three people. The team’s focus should be on social media management, content creation, project management, graphic design, and technical skills. Growth will be irresistible when the team does its job. The mid-level marketing team structure has more units than the small business. The group should focus on search engine optimization, content creation, product management, and public relations professionalism within the business’s central marketing department. An enterprise marketing team is a large organization with over 200 employees. This organization has more management layers led by a specialized and experienced team in the central marketing department.

The different types of Org Charts include the division, functional, market-based, geographical, process-based matrix, and circular org chart. An organization will choose its org chart based on its functionality and size.