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Businesses that decide to promote their products and services have a few choices regarding sending out direct mailers. They can either build a list or rent one. A rented list can be expensive and may only be used once. However, if a business can develop their list, they will be able to use it repeatedly. Here are some top tips for building a list for direct mailers.

Look at Internal Resources

When businesses look at the sources they have already gathered, they are likely to find that they already have many customer records and information available. The information regarding sales, complaints, warranties, and other services will be perfect for growing any business’ list.

Make a List from External Sources

Businesses can receive addresses for potential customers from several external sources. They can look at websites, trade directories, chamber of commerce directories, and other association directories.

Hold a Giveaway

When a business hosts a giveaway or monthly prize like a discount, people will often drop off their information to potentially receive a prize. Have customers add their information to the mailing list in exchange for a potential prize.

Update the List

It is also important to continually update the mailing list for every business. When people ask to be removed from the list, it is important to comply with their request. Other people will want to be added to receive more information on the business and their products and services. After each giveaway, make sure the list is completely updated to mail the digital marketing mailers to the people who have agreed to receive information.


Once You Have Made Your List Focus on the 40-40-20 Law

Using the 40-40-20 law means focusing 40% on the audience, 40% on the offer and the messaging surrounding the offer, and 20% on the creative aspect. Selecting the perfect mailing list is only one piece of the direct mailer puzzle. Instead, businesses should focus on refining the list to create copywriting that targets specific audiences. The precise messaging is more likely to be persuasive to audiences and will perform better.