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Direct mail and direct mail booster are highly useful marketing tools. Not all marketing efforts have an impact on purchasing decisions. Direct mail campaigns can affect and influence consumer behavior in a number of unique ways.

Professional Services Direct Mail Projects

Healthcare professionals often use direct mail as a way to engage with new residents in an area. Government agencies, political affiliations, and non-profit agencies typically buy mailing lists based on occupancy in specific zip codes.

Other service providers use direct mail postcards to encourage purchasing decisions. These campaigns influence consumers to make purchases for goods and services they may not previously have been actively considering.

Examples include automotive service, massage and spa therapy, and other elective self-care treatments. Professional services continue to utilize direct mail campaigns to sway consumer behavior.

Direct Mail Targets Customers and Prospects

The science behind direct mail is more of social science than a given formula. Direct mail may be a massive undertaking or a relatively small project. Whether a campaign covers a single zip code or an entire nation, it feels personal.

When properly formatted, direct mail media is personalized in several ways. Variable data that reflects the recipient’s name instead of being addressed to a generic occupant or resident is exceptionally effective. Direct mail print projects can also be personalized in other ways.

In addition to addressing the actual mailing section to a person or business, other text on the postcard can be customized. Instead of simply providing the date and time of an upcoming event, marketers can extend a warm invitation, “John – we hope you can join us for the launch party next Friday!”

Generational Shoppers Have Different Habits

Purchasing decisions are often personally motivated and stem from a number of individual experiences.

More mature generations typically look for stability and quality. A flimsy print material will not catch their eye. Scratch off postcards might pique their interest but are not 100% effective.

Younger generations want the flashy gimmicks. Vying for the attention of Millennials takes creativity and perfect timing. This generation has an affinity for personalized mail and letters because this type of communication is a novelty to them.