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Email marketing has become a modern part of business promotion. Marketers can choose to be strategic with their emails or just cold pitch. Whatever the method, it’s essential to understand whether the method is yielding any results. Here are some tips to gauge the success of mail campaigns.


Use tracking instructions and setups to simplify the process of measuring results. If there is more than one mail campaign in circulation, use codes to distinguish each campaign for easy tracking. Online shoppers may be provided with a place to enter the code for them to receive a discount.

Know the Response

A successful mail campaign should have a way to measure client’s feedback. Staff members should be informed of all the concurrent mail campaigns. Employees should also know how and where to record tracking information. The last step is to collect the tracked information to measure response. Divide the number of responses by the number of people who received the mail for actual results.

Know the Cost

Knowing how much the company is spending compared to what they are getting may help in decision-making. The mail campaign cost may include printing, designing, postage, and indirect costs such as labor costs. The ideal way to get this is to divide the total costs by the number of emails sent for the campaign to get the cost per mail. Use the result to calculate the effectiveness of the exercise. Divide the cost of the mailing with the number of responses to get the acquisition cost.

Do an Analysis

The marketer should evaluate whether they have come up with a better method of mail campaigns. Apart from looking at responses and acquisition costs, an organization should compare their previous mailing method and the current method and decide whether they have made any progress. They should look at the cost assessment and individual features for the last and current mail marketing and see whether any addition has yielded results.

Evaluating the mail campaign’s result is essential for marketers. Knowing the best tools to use and how to analyze information may help marketers in the decision-making process. Use these tips to know whether there is progress in using mail marketing.