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Most digital marketers realize the importance of direct mailing. The digital advertising industry has dramatically changed because there are more advertisements in front of people. Every time a person goes online, they see ads and are bombarded by messages from different companies. The average American alone is shown thousands of advertisements every day, and many even see hundreds within the first hour of waking up.

So many advertisements have had an adverse effect on the consumer. They are less likely to buy because they are overwhelmed by the volume.

Direct Mailing

Many businesses have begun to introduce direct mailers into their marketing strategy once again. The Canadian neuromarketing firm for the Canada Post revealed that many paper marketing tactics like direct mailing has had a more significant impact on consumers. They revealed that the print requires less cognitive effort for consumers to remember, making the advertisements easier to understand. They also have greater overall effectiveness because the direct mailer had a higher value in consumers’ eyes.

They were also able to remember the brand much easier than if they saw the brand on digital platforms.

Targeting Direct Mailers

Direct mail is just like any other piece of marketing. It requires persuasion and trust to get the consumer to buy. Research reveals that the customer can provide insight for businesses to create an ideal persona of their buyer.

Why Direct Mail Works

One reason why direct mail is so effective is that it provides people enough time to think about the offer. The digital advertisements bombard consumers without giving people the space to absorb the ideas about the things they didn’t realize they wanted. Print advertising can achieve this because people are not scrolling past it or ignoring it. They are not interrupted by app updates or text messages when they read a direct mailer. People are required to look at it before they decide what to do. This allows advertisers to slip past the mental defenses of the consumer easily. Most people will be able to recognize local businesses’ names over those they see on social media because they have seen the name on direct mailers.