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What are smart digital marketers doing today to start ahead of the curve? Online marketing changes rapidly as technology and user behavior evolves. Staying on top of everything may not be possible, but being aware of the latest digital marketing trends means you can choose the ones that fit best for your business so you can meet customer expectations and stay current.

Targeted and Personalized Content

Websites are being set up to create an experienced tailor-made for the visitor. Not long ago, this would have been considered a far fetched idea of the future, but it’s here, and it’s a trend that creates a compelling customer experience.

If you have a website where customers log in, this can mean the main page shows content designed around their last visit.

This isn’t the only way, though. This can be approached based on what you know of your visitors on arrival. For example, you can see their IP address, which means you know their geographic location. Do customers in one country, or city, tend to buy more of a particular item from your shop? Is it currently winter there, and you would like to highlight your new snowblower?

By pushing content and products that are most interesting to that viewer, you’re giving them a better customer experience, leading to better conversions.

Better Utilizing Social Media Messaging Apps

Your customers are on social media. You may already be engaging them through your content and your product display ads. It’s becoming normal for customers to expect to get answers from businesses through social media messaging more every year.

If they’re following you, they expect that they can easily message you on Facebook or WhatsApp to get answers to their questions. Make sure you’re getting these messages and responding appropriately.

Google My Business

Have you noticed the business listings on the right side of the search result pages? These listings, known as Google My Business (GMB for short), are full of helpful information when looking for local businesses. Users are looking for business hours, contact information, sales, and reviews.

Every business will want to verify their listing and make sure their basic information is correct. Those who take this a step further will update their GMB blog with sales and relevant information regularly to keep their listing looking active.

Smart Mobile Designs

More searches are happening on mobile devices. Online shopping and research is taking place on the phone. This means smart business owners are looking at their mobile designs even before their desktop designs. This online marketing trend is often called a mobile-first design. The designer creates the website for the smaller screens before looking at the desktop design, instead of the other way around. This prioritizes the mobile experience.