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With the pandemic, 2020 has been a wild year for digital marketing. Unprecedented times have pushed companies out of their comfort zones in maintaining control and growing in success. Consequently, a ton of new trends will further evolve in upcoming 2021.

Here are the top 6 digital marketing trends predicted for the new year.

  1. Voice Search
    Since SEO regarding voice search is a bit different, companies will need to consider it. More consumers are using voice search, which may utilize other language conventions; this means that content should aim to match casual, everyday speech to maintain and boost traffic across the board.

  2. Personalization
    Increasingly, consumers have appreciated and preferred personalized marketing. Personalizing messaging based on consumer behavior and interest online has been huge, leading to significant engagements and success. That being said, it’s a major feat to personalize to thousands of different consumers. 2021 will bring a slew of automated personalization tools built with nuanced copywriting.

  3. Social Media
    Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have grown to provide shopping opportunities for users. As a result, social media is the number one place for businesses to skyrocket their marketing and sales efforts for more brand awareness and points of contact with customers.

  4. Short Videos
    Video marketing was all the rage in 2020. In 2021, the use of video will continue to boom, mostly brief snapshots across social media platforms. With Instagram and TikTok gaining traction, short videos will be vital to delivering brand messaging to the right audience quickly – while catering to shorter attention spans.

  5. Marketing Automation
    The combination of remote work and complex buyer journeys has led to an increase in marketing automation tools. Automation will undoubtedly be a driver of revenue in 2021, with automatic calculations of ROI, easy tracking of consumer behavior, and a clear display of metrics.

  6. Changes to Targeting
    California has been the first to implement stricter consumer privacy laws that impacted many marketing campaigns this year. In 2021, many more states may follow, leading marketers to change how they approach ad targeting on Google, Facebook, and social media. While not a trend, this will change the face of strategies many companies have grown to rely on. Thus, it’s best to take it in stride and innovate new ideas for reaching the right audience.