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In today’s world, a business without a marketing function is inconceivable. A well-functioning marketing department is a game-changer in the market. It is a tragedy many companies do not understand the criticality of the marketing function. Many see marketing as a cost center. It is these misconceptions that lead to unrealistic expectations and missed targets.

One may ask about the need for a marketing department, yet their brand is selling well. Well, marketing serves more than one role in increasing sales. Before setting up a marketing department, it is vital to understand the goals of your marketing team. Below is an outline of those marketing functions.

      • Supervise design and production of marketing materials
      • Conducting market research
      • Optimizing SEO for your website
      • Managing social media pages
      • Conducting both internal and external communication
      • Defining the unique selling proposition for your brand
      • Liaising with marketing agencies and vendors

How can you build this critical department in your business? Whether in-house or outsourced, below are some pointers for creating a competitive marketing department.

Be in the Know

As a business owner, you must acquaint yourself with the goals you expect from your marketing team. Additionally, you need to understand emerging marketing trends. You need to arm yourself with information to guide your team from the point of knowledge.

Business owners are generally busy people. However, you must spare some time to learn a thing or two about the industry. There are tons of information available online.

Invest in Collaboration Tools

Marketing does not function in isolation. It is prudent to integrate with other business functions. Communication and project management tools go a long way in enhancing success for any department. Luckily, there are several software solutions in the market. Evaluate the options and pick one. It is a worthwhile investment.

Skill Diversity

Marketers cannot act and think the same. In your team, you need diversity in skills and strategic thinking. Also, hiring versatile employees is a gem. The ability to handle more than one task saves on labor costs and creates efficiency in the department.

Create a Feedback System

There is nothing as important as feedback in a department. Through feedback, you identify gaps and develop corrective measures. In your business, encourage a two-way communication system to build a rapport with your team. Encourage your team to speak. Create a system that allows anonymous submissions to even hear from those that are not as bold.

Your business cannot afford to operate without a marketing department. Use the tips above to create a marketing department that will propel your business to the next level.