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Direct mail marketing is making a big comeback. While many of today’s marketers are told about digital marketing strategies, there are many opportunities to connect with customers through tangible means. With the right piece of marketing material, you can catch the right customer’s attention and create a fresh avenue of connection.

Create Personalized Marketing Messages

You don’t want your material to be generic, or it won’t catch anyone’s attention. Who is the ideal customer that you want to connect with? What would you say to them to create a powerful connection? The best direct mail marketing is going to have a message that stands out.

For example, if you’re a landscaper sending postcards to an upscale neighborhood, you ideally know that neighborhood well. What are their needs? You can craft a message containing the neighborhood’s name and mentioning the need and how you have a service specially designed to address it.

Taking Timing Into Consideration

Craft your message to consider the time you’re sending it. This is another personalization strategy. Ways you might use this strategy include mentioning a surrounding holiday in your message or the season.

Using the landscaper example again, you could mention services to clean up the falling leaves in the yard if it were fall. For summer, lawn mowing.

Crafting a timely message subtly suggests that the consumer should contact you while that message is still relevant. This creates more urgency in their minds.

Integrate Your Direct Mail With Your Online Marketing

Include a QR code on your postcard that links to a special deal on your website, a video message just for them, or takes them to your social media page to follow you. Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with them again in the future online.

Provide An Easy Call to Action

What do you want the recipient to do after seeing your marketing material? This is the most crucial part of your mail marketing strategy. While it’s great that the people you’re mailing are being exposed to your brand, if you want to see results from your campaign, it needs to be clear what you want them to do next.

A smart strategy for this is to include a unique coupon code. Anyone who uses that coupon will have seen your mailer so that you can track your results from your campaign.

Use A Quality Printer

Don’t skip this step! By using a quality printer, your marketing materials will feel more impressive in hand. They will also have sharper colors that stand out. It’s a smart idea to order a sample from the printer to check the quality for yourself.