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Digital marketing tools can help you get ahead. The right tools can make your business more efficient by automating tasks you would have to do by hand. They can also open you to new information you wouldn’t have gathered otherwise, gaining insights on your customers and competition.

Knowing about the right online marketing tools is the first step toward accomplishing more for your business.


Quicksprout is an easy, free tool that can gain you insights about your competition. Enter a URL, and this tool will break down information about their search engine optimization information for their website. You can then use this information to make better decisions on how to outrank them.


Do you use Pinterest and Instagram? These social media sites are difficult for most automation tools. The sites can take up a lot of time. They are also great places to build audiences if you post frequently. On Pinterest, many of the most active users will post as often as fifteen to twenty-five times a day. That’s just too often to keep up with. While you can post less frequently on Instagram, you still need to do so consistently.

Tailwind is a tool to help you automate posting on both of these sites. You can try it for free without a credit card.

Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook has created a lot of great digital marketing tools for its ads platform. Don’t miss using the Audience Insights tool, even if you aren’t running display ads on Facebook. It’s free, and you can learn a lot about your potential customer by taking a closer look at information Facebook has gathered about them.


Every digital marketer should be using Grammarly or a tool like it. If you want your brand to appear professional, it’s essential to use a tool that can help you catch errors. More than that, Grammarly can help you construct messages that sound better.

Google Trends

What are people excited about right now? While you can always check what’s trending on Facebook or Twitter to know what’s happening by the hour, Google Trends will show you graphs with information on what has been growing in popularity. This gives you a lot of information on how much interest there is on a particular topic so you can judge what’s worth spending time creating content.