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Marketing efforts have evolved with the advent of online goods and services. Some classic marketing methods and advertising are still considered reliable staples for building customer relationships and increasing sales. Direct mailers are universally considered one of the most effective marketing tools. Here are some common types of direct mail tools to consider.

Lead Letters

A traditional letter in an envelope adds an authentic and personal touch for recipients, while also providing a layer of privacy. This type of direct mail still qualifies for various kinds of bulk mail rates, including non-profit and presorted first-class postage discounts. Lead letters cast a wide net for minimal cost on the design and print phase. Form letters can easily be customized by printing variable data through a simple mail merge program.


Custom self-mailers can make a significant impact on both random and targeted recipients. They are often used to promote new products or services and are usually sent to residents new to a specific geographic area. These brochure-style mailers can be folded in many different ways and still qualify for postcard mailing rates. They are more costly than lead letters, but the extra money spent on the design and printing services typically provide ample return on investment.

Postcard Mailers

Postcards are used for multiple purposes. Healthcare professionals and automotive mechanics use them to remind patients and customers to make an appointment. Organizations and non-profit agencies use them to solicit donations for fundraisers. Grand openings, coupons, and other events and savings can all quickly be announced using custom postcard mailers.

Catalogs and Dimensional Mailers

Although these two concepts are very different, both are effectively used in business to business communication efforts. Print catalogs are still popular ways to showcase merchandise descriptions and pricing. Dimensional mailers provide a unique and eye-catching way to deliver collateral and marketing materials to business connections and potential customers or professional partners.

Direct mail options can be further enhanced through direct mail options. Every door direct mail lists can be created using several specific criteria to target prospects. Informed Delivery from the United States Postal Service allows senders to track mail delivery, and several programs help users determine the response rate from individual mailings.