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Direct mail advertising is making a comeback in a big way. In a world where so much customer outreach is happening online, sending something tactile can make you stand out in a crowded market. Of course, like any other marketing materials, getting the best results for your time and money means learning practical techniques to maximize your campaigns.

What does the best direct mail advertising do?

Use High-Quality Products

You want to work with a printer that uses a high-quality paper with sharp colors. If your mailer is limp and the colors washed out, it won’t grab attention in the same way. It also won’t serve to make your brand look professional.

With most online services, you can ask for a sample mailer to be sent to you to check the quality for yourself.

Keep Your Direct Mail Targeted

While you are free to send your marketing materials anywhere, you want to, and with any message you please, you’ll get more effective results when your campaign is targeted.

What does a targeted campaign look like?

    • Know who you are sending to. Are you a landscaper sending a message to a specific neighborhood? What services would your ideal customer want from you?
    • Write a targeted and compelling copy. Keep it as brief as possible, with the right keywords standing out.
    • Use a personalized message for your audience. You know who you are sending to and what you are selling them. Write your copy so it addresses personal concerns your ideal customer would hire you to address.

Give Them Something

A tried and true mail marketing tip is to offer them something of unique value. This is often a unique coupon code. This can also help you track the results of your campaign by seeing who used this unique coupon. A good trick is to make it a limited time offer to encourage them to act now. Whenever you can create a next action step, and urge them toward it, you’re building a stronger funnel for your marketing efforts.

Marry Your Digital and Paper Marketing Efforts

Your direct mailer can include a QR code so your customer can scan the mailer with their phone and be taken directly to a piece of online content. This is a great way to maximize video content, which has proven extremely useful in recent years.

You can also link them to a discounted sales page or signup for your newsletter.

When you connect with a potential customer in the physical world and then digitally, you can build a stronger relationship with more ties to that customer.

Create strong marketing campaigns that bring together all of your advertising strategies for a cohesive branding message that stays in customers’ minds.