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Most industries recognize the importance of digital marketing in today’s advertising world. Though companies used to have a website and a Facebook page, they are now required to have a more substantial online presence. 2020 brings even more technology and tools to help businesses stand out in the digital crowd. Here are the top digital marketing trends of 2020.

The Peak of Facebook

Facebook is not the king of social media the same way it used to be. Most of the users are currently over 65. It is struggling to maintain the influence it used to have over younger demographics. Instead, these younger people are drawn to interactive experiences like Tik Tok, Snapchat, and Instagram. Facebook lost a lot of trust with its users after the 2018 data breach scandal. Many people are resentful of the platform because of the propagation of fake news and political propaganda.

Businesses need to recognize that Facebook might not have their audience anymore. Instead, they need to create a shift to find the right social media platform to reach their audience.

Instagram is Growing

Though Facebook might be starting to fade, Instagram is still a rising star with more than one billion users. It is one of the fastest-growing platforms out there, especially with the under 30 crowd. It is important to remember that Instagram is always changing. For example, they recently decided to remove the likes from the platform despite the concern businesses had.

Customer Service Dominated by Chatbots

Another significant impact on digital marketing is the way artificial intelligence is used as a virtual concierge to help customers with basics through chat windows. The system continually learns through data, allowing it to improve the service over time. 80% of businesses want to begin using chatbots because it enables them to provide customer service all the time without costing an arm and a leg for overtime.

Video is a Must, Not a Maybe

Video is dominating over text-based marketing, particularly in the information marketing space. People are watching more video than they ever have before because of the availability and growing content. Video marketing is extremely engaging for watchers, and it is powerful when used with other traditional marketing streams.