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Traffic Jam Events™

Automotive Direct-Response Mail and Staffed Events

About Traffic Jam Events

Traffic Jam Events™ has been a pioneer in the direct response mail, training and staffed event space for over two decades. Based out of New Orleans, but servicing companies all across the nation, they were founded by David Jeansonne, a 21-year veteran of the industry whose mission was to make selling cars exciting again. As one of the top automotive-marketing firms in the country, they have achieved their success by staying hyper-focused on one simple, yet not so easy task: SELL. MORE. CARS.

“To make profit a by-product of work, happiness will be its chief product.” – Mission Statement, Traffic Jam Events™

Traffic Jam Events™ utilizes patented products and a two-pronged approach to ensure their marketing is as efficient and effective as humanly possible. The first prong in their strategy is the use of direct response mail. The space they play in is small—the mailbox—but big in impact. Direct response mail has remained the top advertising tool for the automotive industry, even after decades of growth and innovation in marketing. 

Prior to developing any material for clients, the Traffic Jam Events™ Research and Development Team conducts extensive research into their client’s priority markets before developing a highly-personalized marketing strategy. From there, the Creative Department customizes the mailers to the dealership, all while making sure any state regulations or special requests are met. Believing in the power of long-term partnerships and client satisfaction, they customize all direct-mail campaigns to their client’s preferences and submit Co-Ops to make certain their clients get full reimbursement. To view examples of some of their mailers, please click here

The second prong of Traffic Jam Events™ approach is the installation of managed staffed events. In the event of an influx in traffic, they will support their clients by sending reinforcements in the form of management and sales staff. What’s more, while there, they train their client’s staff in their process to ensure there are no missed opportunities. The effectiveness of their events can be found in the numbers—an average off-site event regularly earns approximately $200,000 in incremental business over the course of only five days!

Traffic Jam Events™ stands out from their competition by going the extra mile and targeting their client’s long-term profitability. The approach they utilize provides long-term, consistent, and incredibly high results for years—even decades—of success. To see what separates Traffic Jam Events™ from the pack or to speak with a representative, please visit